Mother’s Day Mommy & Me Playdate

Hey party peeps! Today my guest post for Hostess With The Mostess went up full of ideas for creating a super girlie, super cool Mother’s Day Mommy & Me Playdate for you and your daughter! If you missed it, check it out here!

As promised, I will spill all the details and give up the goods on where I got some of the items used and how you can pull off this super cool, high-end looking event for less! This is what I affectionately call “Budget Chic!”

First things first…
I must say that when designing events for my own family and friends, I usually use a COMBO of high-end and budget-friendly items to pull off my “budget chic” Look for Less!

Let’s first talk about the dining table–a mix of high-end and budget friendly items.

The high-end splurge item on the table were the 4 bling gold chargers for $10.50 each found here on The gold sun mirror was a STEAL for $12 also found here on

The runner on the table was the ENTIRE inspiration for this event’s decor plan! And guess what???? It is ACTUALLY wrapping paper I found while in Target! Part of that collection was a matching gift bag that had this super cute butterfly hanging on it. I took the butterfly off the bag and attached it to a glass vase I already owned and filled it with orange crystals and pink & orange oversized daisies found in Michaels.

GIRLFRIEND TIP #1: ALWAYS buy silk flowers from Michaels when they are on sale! They always have a 50% off sale on silk flowers both at the beginning of the season and at the end of a season. These I picked up last year at the end of the spring/summer season and scored them all 1/2 off! Yeah!

GIRLFRIEND TIP #2: When working on a budget, I ALWAYS look at wrapping paper as a major source of inspiration for budget-chic decor! They come in all kinds of patterns and bright colors and they work perfectly as runners and you can wrap all kinds of boxes with it to add decor to your event.

Next, I wanted to do something creative and girlie with the chairs. I’m first to admit that I’m NOT the most crafty chic, so anytime I can pull off a crafty look without a lot of blood, sweat, and tears…I’m ALL FOR IT! So I simply pulled a tutu over the backs of the chairs to create these cool “tutu chair backs”. So easy & such a visual wow factor!

I must share some tips on the Sweets & Smoothie Bars. First of all, I’ve been dying to tell you that the yellow topped boxes on the table are actually TOILET PAPER COVERS!!! YES!!! I was walking through Target (again…I know…I know…don’t judge!) and these boxes just caught my eye! How perfect do they match my color scheme! Who cares there’s toilet paper inside the box! They look great on the table and noone has to know!

Finally, the orange and white boxes on the table were also a part of the collection found by the wrapping paper in Target. They are gift boxes that I used as risers to add height to the sweets & smoothie bars. All of the sweets and smoothie ingredients were purchased at Target as well which made this overall event SUPER budget friendly and definitely “BUDGET CHIC!”

I hope you have found some inspiration for pulling off a Mother’s Day Playdate for you and your daughter this year! I’ve created a Pinterest board with links to some of the items I used in the decor. Check it out here. Follow us on Facebook to get our daily posts. Thanks!!!

What was your favorite part of this event? Please leave your answer below.

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  1. Leslie says:

    I love everything, but my favorite would have to be the toilet paper covers. Who knew!! Thanks for sharing.

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