Tips to Throwing a Fabulous Teen Party!

Hey party peeps!
Today’s post is all about Teen Parties and tips on how to successfully throw one that your teen will actually think is COOL! I have a 16 year old son and know first-hand how hard it can be to host a party for a teen and their friends without being tempted to go overboard or GASP…make it too kiddy!!!

So, I’ve teamed up with PBteen to show you how you can take cool room decor items and use them in your party design following my 5 Easy Tips to set up a really COOL MUSIC-THEMED PARTY your teen will LOVE! As a monthly guest contributor on Hostess with the Mostess, I first debuted these tips there…however, if you missed it…this is an ENCORE!

One of questions I get the asked THE MOST is: “My teenage wants a party! What do I do? HELP!!!” As a mom of a 16 year old son, I know that planning a teen event is hard.  Let’s just say…you MUST AMP UP THE COOL FACTOR!!!  My formula for success: “KEEP IT SIMPLE & KEEP IT COOL!”

When I begin to design a teen party for my clients, I always ask to see the teen’s room. You can get an idea of what style they like, what colors they love and what things they’re into to get you started on the party’s look and feel.

Here I designed a music theme that is one of my most popular teen party themes. Let’s face it… Music is just cool and can be used for boy or girl teen events.

Follow these FIVE SIMPLE STEPS and you will look like a rock star!
(seriously…don’t we all want to look like rock stars to our teen kids?)

Here I designed the entire party around music by pulling in several instruments and using them in unexpected ways. Make sure your teen creates a playlist of all of their favorite songs ahead of time and have them playing during the party. (You can also have the playlist burned on cds to give away as party favors.)

The easiest activity and teens love it! One more excuse to pull out their cell phones and begin to flick away! Provide a cool backdrop (this one which happens to be a PBteen shower curtain) and funky props and let them do the rest! As a cool momento, place a cork board close by the photo booth and have the teens take photos on this cool retro Polaroid instant camera where they can write a message and post it up on the cork board. This PBteen guitar is the perfect prop to really get cool photos of the teens “rockin’ out!”

The wow factor and must-have at any teen event is the infamous Sweets Bar. Fill the bar with all of your teen’s favorite sweets and decorate it with the theme in mind. Jet-Puffed marshmallows are always a hit and s’mores even more so! Here I used the drum set from PBteen and used it as a S’mores Bar!

Here I created a self-serve nacho bar & drink station. For the drink station, offer sodas in glass bottles for a retro vibe. How fabulous is this bulldog lamp from PBteen! This piece was the inspiration for the whole party design. I added rhinestones and created a one-of-a-kind piece! To continue with the music theme, I pulled in the seat from the drum set and the wire guitar wall art on the nacho bar. Put some cooked taco meat in one crock pot, nacho cheese in the other to stay warm, put some chips in a bowl and you’re done! Budget friendly and super easy! Others options are hot dog stations, pizza bars and snack bars.

Teens just want to hang out. Give them one or two areas to chill; set out a few video or board games, bean bags and you’re done! Also popular are beauty bars and outdoor lounge tents. PBteen has tons of lounge furniture including teen-friendly bean bags that would be perfect when creating a “hangout area”. Incorporate some music room decor items like this headphone wall art and amplifier to pull in the theme.

As a rule of thumb…LESS IS MORE! Teens don’t want to feel like their party is a “kiddy” party with an overdone theme. The key is to setup EVERYTHING ahead of the guests arriving and then leave them to have fun!

What kind of teen party themes have you done? I’d LOVE to hear! Comment below and tell me 🙂

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