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Let’s talk about Mother’s Day…you know…the day when all of us moms are celebrated for all that we do all year long! As a busy working mom myself, I actually think Mother’s Day should equal a “day off”! However, when you have small kids, they make you cards at school in anticipation of Mother’s Day and get all excited about spending a special day with you, so my daydreams of quietly soaking in a hot tub and sipping on tea at the spa are probably not going to happen! On the flip side, when you’re busy with work all the time, then a day that you set aside to just focus on and spend time with your kids one-on-one sounds pretty great too!  I must say, that the look and squeals from the girls when they walked out into the backyard was priceless! My heart warmed and I knew right away that this is the way I wanted to spend Mother’s Day with my girls this year. Spa day? You’ll have to wait….Mommyhood calls!

Mommy & Me Playdate

So, this is where the concept of a “Mommy & Me Playdate” came from for a Mother’s Day party idea. Imagine you inviting your daughter to “hang out” with you for the day doing girly things. I can just see the huge smile that will be on her face! Start the day off with an invitation placed on her pillow when she wakes up, inviting her to your special day. Get dressed up and head out into the backyard decorated with a vibrant, summery color palette of orange, hot pink and yellow with splashes of gold to play up the summer, fun, festive girlie vibe.

Hand in hand, you and your daughter walk out into the backyard transformed into a girly oasis! A lunch of your favorite and your daughter’s favorite will be served (by hubby) and eaten at this fabulous table! I will spill all the details and give up the goods on where I got some of the items used and how you can pull off this super cool, high-end looking event for less! This is what I affectionately call “Budget Chic!”

Smoothie Bar

First stop, the Smoothie Bar! Stock the smoothie bar with all of your daughter’s favorite fruits.    I strategically setup my smoothie bar table by an existing outdoor electrical outlet so we could use the blender outside.  Make this the first stop on your playdate journey as on a warm day the frozen fruit will begin to thaw.

Girlfriend Tip:  I always use frozen fruit in smoothies as it adds an icy consistency to smoothies without having to use ice that sometimes dilutes the taste since it’s like dumping a bunch of water into your smoothie.

smoothie bar fruit_closeup fruit_closeup_2

Mommy & Me Lunch

Next, take your smoothies and head over to the dining table for lunch.  Let’s first talk about the dining table–a mix of high-end and budget friendly items. The high-end splurge item on the table were the 4 bling gold chargers for $10.50 each found here on The gold sun mirror was a STEAL for $12 also found here on

The runner on the table was the ENTIRE inspiration for this event’s decor plan! And guess what???? It is ACTUALLY wrapping paper I found while in Target! Part of that collection was a matching gift bag that had this super cute butterfly hanging on it. I took the butterfly off the bag and attached it to a glass vase I already owned and filled it with orange crystals and pink & orange oversized daisies found in Michaels. Next, I wanted to do something creative and girlie with the chairs. I’m first to admit that I’m NOT the most crafty chic, so anytime I can pull off a crafty look without a lot of blood, sweat, and tears…I’m ALL FOR IT! So I simply pulled a tutu over the backs of the chairs to create these cool “tutu chair backs”. So easy & such a visual wow factor!

Girlfriend Tip: ALWAYS buy silk flowers from Michaels when they are on sale! They always have a 50% off sale on silk flowers both at the beginning of the season and at the end of a season. These I picked up last year at the end of the spring/summer season and scored them all 1/2 off! Yeah!

Girlfriend Tip: When working on a budget, I ALWAYS look at wrapping paper as a major source of inspiration for budget-chic decor! They come in all kinds of patterns and bright colors and they work perfectly as runners and you can wrap all kinds of boxes with it to add decor to your event.

Dining Table1 Dining Table4 Dining table3 tutu chairback dining table6

Nail Bar

Setup an area where you and your daughter take turns painting each other’s nails.  So fun!

Nails area

Scrapbook Bar

Setup a short table and fill it with a variety of photos ready of the two of you to create scrapbook pages to begin a Mommy & Me scrapbook. Have plenty of stickers, scissors, papers and ribbons available to make this super fun!  To add a fun twist, I placed two floor cushions on the ground so we could sit on the ground.   A little unexpected and children love it!

scrapbook area3 scrapbook area2

Dessert Bar

To end the day on the sweetest note, visit the Sweets Bar full of yummy girly treats including mini-cupcakes, iced cookies and my signature “Cupcake Parfaits” this time using meringue topped snowballs. All budget-friendly and store-bought. The finale is a special gift presentation to your daughter thanking her for being your daughter and making it so awesome to be her mom!

sweets table 1 Sweets Table 3 Sweets Table 2 sweets table_4

I hope you have found some inspiration for pulling off a Mother’s Day Playdate for you and your daughter this year!  How are you spending your Mother’s Day this year?


I’ve created a Pinterest board with links to some of the items I used in the decor. Check it out here.


– Concept & Styling: Soiree Event Design

– Photography: Stay Classic Photography

– Smoothie items, wrapping paper, gift boxes: Target

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  1. Yolanda says:

    I loved this. This would be great for my quarterly girls night out ( which is always on Saturday afternoon). I like the Smoothie Bar and the colors are divine.

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