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Barbie Dreamhouse

Hey party peeps!  Today let’s go on a tour…The Barbie Dreamhouse Experience™ Tour that is!  I was beyond excited to be invited to come down to the Mall of America to take a private tour of The Barbie Dreamhouse to share it with my readers.  How fun and fabulous it was to have Riley accompany me so I could see her reactions first hand on what was inside.  The Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN is home to the dreamhouse for the next two years.  If you are planning a family vacation this summer or next, Minneapolis would make a great destination for any Barbie fan and the Mall of America — THE BIGGEST Mall in the US–not bad for us moms either!  Want to win tickets to the Dreamhouse?  CLICK HERE to enter for a chance to win 4 tickets to the Barbie Dreamhouse Experience (good until Feb. 2016) plus lots of other Barbie Party favors and goodies!  AND…if you are interested in having the ultimate Barbie Birthday Party, you can see all the photos of a birthday party I styled at the Dreamhouse by CLICKING HERE.

Girlfriend Tips:  Here are a few things you should know when planning your trip to The Barbie Dreamhouse Experience™:

1. Plan to stay atleast 90 minutes to 2 hours to fully go through the Dreamhouse.  The end of the Dreamhouse tour has a fabulous Barbie Entertainment World that has MANY hands-on activities so make sure you leave enough time for this part…my daughter and her friends LOVED this area and spent atleast an hour in this area alone!

2. There are no bathrooms inside so make sure your little ones go before you enter.

3.  Prices:  $24.99 for an adult, $19.99 for an adult with a child, $23.99 for children ages 3-12 (children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult, $20.99 for military ticket with valid ID

4.  A wristband is required to use the digital activities inside, so plan to pay $5 for the wristband on top of your admission price.  The $5 is refundable at the end when you turn it back in.

5. The attraction contains many digital interactive experiences so if your child is used to playing on an iPod or computer, she’ll love this.  If not, you’ll have to assist your child with some of the digital activities.

6.  Bring a camera!  There are many photo opportunities inside but be aware that most of the Dreamhouse is lit in pink lights, so you will get really pink photos ;)  If you don’t want to take photos, the Dreamhouse provides many photo booth areas inside where they take the photos for you that you can view and choose to purchase when you are done.  These photos are NOT bathed in pink lighting and will provide you the best souvenir photo as who wants all your photos of your child to be with pink skin tones?  LOL!  Barbie’s Volkswagen Beetle is actually outside of the Dreamhouse which is the perfect photo prop!  Riley announced that THIS is her dream car!


Now who’s ready to take The Barbie Dreamhouse Experience™ Tour!

The Barbie Dreamhouse Entrance & Foyer

The entrance is a total photo op!  The huge iconic pink Barbie high heeled shoe is the perfect photo prop!  When you enter, your Barbie friend tour guide will assist you with check-in which is a digital screen that scans your wristband to register it to your name so that all of your activities and photos you do in the Dreamhouse are all waiting for you to view when you leave.

Barbie-Dreamhouse-Foyer Barbie-dreamhouse-entrance Barbie-dreamhouse-foyer-2 Barbie-Doll Barbie-Dreamhouse-Check-In

Barbie’s Photo Ops

Once you’re registered, head on over to the full size Barbie elevator photo booth where you can take your first photo op.  See that huge pink camera?  Those are all throughout the Dreamhouse at all the photo booth areas…when you see one, simply scan your wristband and smile for the camera!  When you’re done in the Dreamhouse, you will be able to view and purchase any of the photos.  Here you can see the many photo booths that are inside.

Barbie-dreamhouse-photo-booths-2 Barbie-dreamhouse-photo-booths-3
Barbie-dreamhouse-elevator Barbie-dreamhouse-elevator-2

The Barbie Dreamhouse Elevator

Once you’re all checked in, you are escorted to the Barbie elevator that you enter and Barbie talks to you from a digital screen inside while you are taken to the first floor of her Malibu Dreamhouse.


The Barbie Dreamhouse Kitchen

First stop is Barbie’s kitchen where kids can create a digital cupcake on the interactive screens.  Be sure to scan your wristband and your child’s digital cupcake creation will be saved.  Also, any time you scan your wristband, your child’s name appears on the screen which is cool when your child sees it!  Riley got all excited when she realized her name was on Barbie’s computer!  The kitchen also has a few areas that you can push buttons and things happen, like the microwave and oven coming on.

Barbie-Dreamhouse-Kitchen Barbie-dreamhouse-kitchen-2

The Barbie Dreamhouse Freezer

Next is the freezer which has a huge sled inside where kids can sit and watch an interactive animated screen.  The room also has MANY collectable Barbies in the wall (behind glass) for kids to view.  A huge bonus for Barbie collectors.  Each Barbie has an information card full of facts.  If you are Barbie collector, this part is super cool…for little girls like mine, they could care less…she just oohed and aahed over how pretty they all look and pick out her favorites.

Barbie-Dreamhouse-Freezer Barbie-dreamhouse-freezer-2 Barbie-Doll-Collector-Freezer

The Barbie Dreamhouse Living Room

Walking into Barbie’s living room is a wow moment!  It is fully life size and has many interactive activities.  It is also where Barbie’s famous pets can be found — Tawny the horse, Blissa the kitty and Taffy the dog.  Taffy is hard to find…make sure your child pushed the button near the dog house…Taffy is hiding in there ;)  There are many interactive digital activities here from puzzles, scrapbook page, and sing-a-long with the piano.

Barbie-Dreamhouse-Living-Room Barbie-dreamhouse-living-room-2 Barbie-dreamhouse-living-room-4 Barbie-horse Barbie-dreamhouse-living-room-3

The Barbie Dreamhouse Terrace and Backyard

The terrace has lookout machines that show beach scenes so you feel like you are actually looking out at the beaches of Malibu from Barbie’s terrace.  The flower garden also has interactive animations all controlled by pushing buttons.  Riley got a kick out of finding all the buttons and seeing what they do.  Her favorite was watching this gorgeous pink flower grow when she pushed the button.

Barbie-Dreamhouse-Backyard Barbie-Dreamhouse-Backyard-3 Barbie-Dreamhouse-Backyard-2

The Barbie Dreamhouse Bedroom

To get to the 2nd floor of the dreamhouse you have to reenter the elevator.  When the doors open, you enter Barbie’s bedroom which has a giant Barbie canopy bed that your child can lay on.  The roof of the bed has an interactive screen that shows your child’s name among the clouds when she scans her wristband.

Barbie-Dreamhouse-Bedroom Barbie-Dreamhouse-Bedroom-2

The Barbie Dreamhouse Bathroom

The bathroom has a life-size tub and a huge wall full of Barbie Mermaids inside clear bubbles.  This was really cool.  There is a surprise waiting in Barbie’s toilet!  Be sure your child pushes the button near the toilet to see what’s in there!

Barbie-Dreamhouse-Bathroom Barbie-Dreamhouse-Bathroom-2 Barbie-Dreamhouse-Bathroom-3

The Barbie Dreamhouse Shoe Closet

Full of actual shoes all displayed behind glass.  The cool thing is when your child pushes the huge lever in the middle of the room, disco dance music and cool lights light up the room including the floor.  The girls just danced and danced in here and kept pushing the lever!  Make sure your child doesn’t miss this cool opportunity.  We almost missed it as we didn’t know that the lever was supposed to be moved.


The Barbie Dreamhouse Closet

Walking up to the closet you see these amazing collector Barbie dolls all under glass domes in fabulous outfits.  Inside the closet are rows and rows of clothes and accessories all displayed in light boxes.  There are a few interactive screens here that your child can stand in front of and see herself in the screen with one of Barbie’s outfits on.  Clap your hands above your head and the outfit changes.  The girls had a BLAST in here as the outfits move around to your movements…they got pretty clever with their poses!  Total photo op here!!!

Barbie-Dreamhouse-Closet Barbie-Dreamhouse-Closet-2 Barbie-Dreamhouse-Closet-3 Barbie-dreamhouse-closet-4

Barbie’s Entertainment World

This is the end of Barbie’s Dreamhouse tour.  Here the girls enter Barbie’s private jet that will whisk them away to Barbie’s Entertainment World which let me tell you, is a girl’s dream!  The doors open and you are immediately greeted by LOUD Barbie songs playing, lights moving around…you know you have entered a place of music, fun and fashion!

Barbie’s Makeovers

First stop, your child can get a sparkly makeover.  There are also lots of Barbie toy busts around so your child can do Barbie’s hair too.

Barbie-Dreamhouse-Makeovers Barbie-Dreamhouse-Makeovers-2 barbie-dreamhouse-makeovers-3

Barbie’s Backstage

Once your child is all glammed up, she can go backstage and get pop star ready!  There are MANY outfits to choose from and you child can get dressed up in as many as  she wants!  Once she’s all dolled up…head on out to the Pop Star Stage for a concert where she is the star!


Barbie’s Pop Star Stage

Wow!  This area is a full size stage with lights and microphones for the ultimate Barbie concert!  The famous Barbie song is playing and the girls can sing along and put on a show.

Barbie-Dreamhouse-Pop-Star-Stage Barbie-Dreamhouse-Pop-star-stage-2

Barbie’s Fashion Runway

The girls had lots of fun on this runway!  They changed outfits MANY times backstage and put on a fashion show.  There are seats on either side of the runway where parents can sit to watch all the fun and of course take photos!

Barbie-Dreamhouse-Runway Barbie-dreamhouse-runway-2

Barbie’s Paris Fashion Studio

A huge Eiffel Tower replica is the perfect photo backdrop in this area.  The girls can visit two of Barbie’s fashion studios where they can decorate a crown with all kinds of embellishments or complete Barbie coloring sheets.  There is even a tea party setup over by the Eiffel Tower for an impromptu pretend tea party.

Barbie-Dreamhouse-Fashion-Studio Barbie-Dreamhouse-Fashion-Studio-2

Barbie-Dreamhouse-Paris barbie-dreamhouse-fashion-studio-3

Barbie’s Tour Bus & Play Area

At the end of the tour is a full size tour bus that your child can sit inside and watch a Barbie cartoon.  Or for some free play, there are Barbie toys including the Malibu Dreamhouse out for the kids to play with.



Barbie’s Cafe & Boutique

When you leave the attraction, there is a Barbie Cafe & Boutique full of fabulous Barbie toys and dress up clothes for sale including the exclusive Barbie The Dreamhouse Barbie Doll that is only available at The Barbie Dreamhouse Experience!  Riley tried Barbie’s signature drink, the Pink Fizz.  It was YUMMY!

Barbie-Dreamhouse-Cafe Barbie-Dreamhouse-Cafe-2 Barbie-Dreamhouse-Cafe-3


Well, that’s the end of the tour.  I hope you enjoyed this inside look into The Barbie Dreamhouse Experience™!  CLICK HERE to visit the website for more information.  Don’t forget to enter the giveaway HERE for your chance to win 4 tickets!  Good luck!


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  1. Jocelyn H says:

    A little girls dream come true! What an awesome experience for anyone! The different rooms and activities are totally awesome!

  2. I’m supposed to be working and instead I’m reading about your time at the Barbie Dream House. :) It looks amazing! And Riley’s expressions in the photos are so precious.

  3. My daughter would be in heaven! I love the total immersion experience of the dream house. Total little girl dream come true.

  4. Love this! I’ve been wanting to get to Mall of America, now even more reason!

    • It won’t disappoint! AND…coming to the biggest mall in the country doesn’t hurt either, right?

  5. Wow, this place is like every girl’s dream! Amazing!

  6. OMG – is it wrong to say that I want to go here? I am a huge Barbie fan & would love to take my daughter here sometime! How much fun would this be! Amazing – I love it all. Love the places for picture ops – too cool!

  7. SO very cute! I love the Mall of America! This is fantastic!

  8. This is amazing! what a cool experience! My daughter would love this!

  9. So fabulous… I can only imagine how fun this would be!

  10. Oh my gosh – this is AMAZING! I need that backyard and the closet in my own house!

    What a fabulous experience for little girls! I know my little guy would love running through there too – there are so many fun things to see & do!

  11. Wow! I’m a grown woman and i want to see this in person. Reminds me of the first barbie house i got way back when! Thanks for all the great details.

  12. Your details made the tour feel so real! I never knew something so spectacular for kids was in this mall! . Must put this on our travel list!

  13. Lisa Walters says:

    Every little girl loves pink and this is some little ladies dream come true. Simply awsome!

  14. I wish they had this when I was a kid! So cool!

  15. OMG, they thought of everything! That place is worth every penny!

  16. Michele McNeal says:

    That looks like a liitle girls’s dream come true!! Well done!!!


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