“Pokemon” inspired party for my Little Faith!

Today I wanted to talk about the taboo “Character Party”. Oooohhhh! They get such a bad wrap, however, how do you get away with not doing one when you have very opinionated children who WANT a particular character party! Well, first of all if your kids are anything like mine, they have a definate request and I, as the nuturing mom must put on my superwoman cape and deliver!

My 8 year old daughter, Faith is in LOVE with Pokemon…I know, I know, Pokemon? Yes! I did a Pokemon party for my son YEARS AGO when he was a little boy and now he’s 15! I didn’t even think Pokemon was still popular! So, when she made her “request” to have a Pokemon themed party, needless to say I was a bit surprised…but I love a challenge…so off I went to design a FABULOUS Pokemon party. I was inspired by the many colors found in the various figures, my daughter’s vibrant personality and the fact that she has both boys and girls as BFFs that I decided on a rainbow and sky color palette that would work for both boys & girls. From there it just all came together!

I knew right away that I would design a collection of personalized party decor to use throughout the party that would provide a high-end look and one-of-a-kind element that you can’t buy in any stores! When you can order a custom designed collection from us…no theme is UNDOABLE!

One of my tips I use for all character based parties is to use as decor character toys that work in the theme. The best part…the child can keep the toys after the party–that way you aren’t left with a bunch of character decor in hopes that another child will book that theme with you. And even better–sometimes, the child already has a bunch of the toys, so your job is a bit easier and your budget just opened up a bit–otherwise, off to the toy store or ebay you go! I also recommend–to prevent “character overload”–that you use the characters in moderation…one or two elements and stick with it. Here you will see I used small plush characters in the table centerpiece and the iconic Pokeball in the tablescape.

All of my events include personalized, custom elements that really set your events apart from every other. It is the funniest and most rewarding thing to hear the guests either say “Wow, Faith is famous!” or to hear your own child say, “MOM, I’m famous!” Makes your heart melt and you feel like a true ROCK STAR! That exact feeling is why I set out to design my own collections of paper decor and make them available to all of you! From personalized VIP passes and favor bags for each guest to table signs where I’ve seen many moms use these in scrapbooks…the PERFECT way to create an awesome memory of the day!

One of my favorite personalized elements to include in my events is the Autograph board where the custom design is front and center in poster format and all the guests can write messages or their names on the board as a fantastic keepsake for the guest of honor! My daughter has hers hanging on her wall in her room…TOTALLY beats the generic posters you can buy anywhere!

Soiree Event Design offers our signature Lolli-tags™ that we design to be used as table decor bouquets or cake and cupcake toppers. Here you will see them used as cupcake and cake toppers mixed in with fabulous gumpaste toppers created by KupcakeSpot. These really work well together to bring in a high-end look to store bought cakes and cupcakes. MY RULE: SPLURGE WHERE YOU GET THE MOST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK! Store bought NON-DECORATED cupcakes are inexpensive and taste great and leave you some $ to spend on all the personalized elements that will have your guests thinking you spent THOUSANDS of dollars!

Last, but not certainly NOT least…the INFAMOUS CANDY BAR!!!! These are all the rage! I get asked to design them for almost EVERY event that I do to really bring in that WOW FACTOR to the room. To make it extra special and unique, I always design a collection around that event’s theme to add that extra special touch! Here you will see I used custom labels, table sign, and candy bag toppers to do just that. ALSO…always, always….keep the candy in your color palette! Here I lucked out in that the rainbow colors were easy to find locally, making it budget-friendly, so we had extra money to SPLURGE on the GORGEOUS rainbow feather boa backdrop! Gotta LOVE THAT! I use feather boas as backdrops all the time to add dramatic pops of color and interesting texture! Don’t be afraid to use something totally out of the box as backdrops! I use them as photo backdrops too!

Well, that’s it! Hope you enjoyed the photos and got some helpful tips in pulling off a unique character-based theme party! Can’t wait to see what my daughter’s request is next year!

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  1. You are the best, I’ve been following you for about year now and you inspire me and your helpful tips are great.

    • Thanks sooo much! I am so excited to have this blog now so that I can actually talk about the events and hopefully inspire others!!! Keep coming back…I’ll be featuring lots of our events with lots of “behind-the-scenes” tidbits and tips & tricks 🙂

  2. This is awesome! Did you make those stands with the gum balls or buy them?

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