Monster High Halloween Soireé!

Hi everyone! I am so excited to share with you today the Monster High Halloween party I designed and hosted for my Girl Scout troop on Halloween night!

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Monster High inspired Ghoul Glam printables

First, let me start by admitting I had NO IDEA what Monster High was until one of my Girl Scouts told me she wanted it as her theme for her birthday party. I asked my 8 year daughter what it was and she says “MOM, everyone knows what Monster High is!” I of course thought I was the hip, up to date with the kids’ trends mom, so, I took that as a challenge and looked into it and OMG!! Sooo CUTE and…ALL THE RAGE amongst tweens! Once I announced to the troop that this year’s Halloween party would be Monster High themed…they all SCREAMED!

YEAH! Score #1 for “in the know” Girl Scout Troop Leader! (wink, wink)

The inspiration point came from the logo and this fabulous skull printed fabric I came across which was the beginning of the inspiration board! I always begin designing an event from an inspiration point which can come from almost anything.

I really wanted this Soiree to be memorable and fun for the girls with lots of designer touches and personalized items to keep with my design style. I incorporated the Monster High color palette of black, white, hot pink and turquoise and added in my signature sparkle & bling!

Since this event was my own personal party, I was able to use the Monster High artwork and characters on all the printable decor and of course, I personalized it with each girl’s names which THEY LOVED! The printables consisted of our signature Lolli-tag™ bouquets, cookie/candy bag toppers, Lolli-tag™ cupcake toppers, circle tags and table signage.

So, of course I had to enlist the help of the fabulous Lynlee of Lynlee’s Petite Cakes who also had no idea what Monster High was, so I sent her some pics and inspiration and she came up with the most adorable set of MH fondant toppers that I used on sugar cookies and placed inside candy bag toppers that I designed. She made the Monster High signature argyle pattern out of fondant!!! HELLOOOO! This chic is AMAZING and so detailed her toppers are truly little works of art! Did I mention I am an out-of-the-closet Lynlee’s Petite Cakes fan?

The sweets bar also featured Monster High cotton candy (a staple on most of our sweets bars) and blue snowballs (personalized with their own Lolli-tag™). The blue snowballs were a total FIND! Just happened to come across them walking down the aisle, minding my own business at the grocery store and gasped out loud when I saw them…they matched my color palette perfectly! They normally only come in pink so I was SOOO EXCITED to see them in blue!

The key to a successful event with 12 or more tween girls is to keep them busy and entertained!
The activities for the parties were:

Frankie Stein’s Dressing Room & Accessory Bar
Bar full of take-home hats, denim bags with personalized Lolli-tag™ and personalized keychain, beaded necklace and spider headbands they assembled.

We even had time for photos! I was inspired by Lynlee’s use of Draculaura’s fangs & lips, so I created a photo backdrop area and designed photo prop sticks of the lips and had the girls pose with them.

Lagoona Blue’s Mystery Boxes
filled with spooky textured items and named spooky things like “Lagoona Blue’s fish eyes!” The girls loved this activity.

Ghoulia Yelps Arts & Crafts Bar
The girls decorated their own take home pumpkins, completed a Monster High full color Activity Book and took home a Monster High coloring book.

Clawdeen Wolf’s Scavenger Hunt
The girls were sent out into the moonlit night armed with LOTS of glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces to find take home fangs, stickers & pencils hidden all around my dimly lit backyard.

Then of course, a party isn’t complete without loud music and dancing so the last activity was Let’s Sing & Dance! with Cleo DeNile

The bat piñata was the finale which was full of candy and took no time at all for the girls to get that busted open and collected all the candy. We then filled the entire yard with tons of wrapped candy that the girls all collected in their trick-or-treat bags! The girls were LOADED with candy by the end of the party!

Then to top it all off, the girls visited Draculaura’s Drink Bar where they could sip on “Blood Punch” (Hawaiian Punch) and “Fang-Ade” (lemonade). They all ate pizza and had Halloween cake.

The girls all had smiles on their faces when their parents picked them all up…I went to bed COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED…but happy that they had such a good time!

TIP: The backdrop of both the Arts & Crafts and Sweets Bars were black boas to give it that gothic glam vibe! I use boas as backdrops ALL THE TIME! I especially love to use them as photo backdrops. I just love the vibrancy of the color choices and the texture is AMAZING in person and in photos…however, do be prepared to have feathers EVERYWHERE and in this instance, a broom is not your friend! A shop vac will be needed 🙂

Vendor credits:
Event design & styling: Soiree-Event Design
Printables & custom favors: Soiree-Event Design
Fondant toppers: Lynlee’s Petite Cakes

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  1. OMG! I love it!! I will be hosting the same theme for my daughter’s birthday in February. Can I purchase the party printables?

  2. myra lopez says:

    I am interested in some of the decorations for my daughter’s birthday party how can I purchase them?

    • Hi Myra,
      Unfortunately, I can’t sell the Monster High printables due to licensing and copyright infringement. These were created for my personal use only. I can create personalized designs that match Monster High items you can purchase in stores though. Let me know if you are interested in that option. THANKS!

      • hi
        my girls love monster high but its not so big here in the uk love ow you made you own stuff is it possible to send me printable so i can make stuff to

  3. alejandra says:

    Love it!
    Im hosting my daughter’s 8th bday in a week and was wondering where did you find the skull fabric? is fabuolus!

    Thank you!

  4. wow …muy padres ideas ..muchas gracias… mi hija estara super feliz

  5. Fabulous party!!! Love those Centerpiece boxes? Where did you find them?

  6. Thanks! Will do! I’m actually working on a monster high party for my 6 year old now in September 🙂 I found similar bags at oriental trading!!! I’m so excited! You’re ideas are great!!!

  7. Where did you find the glitter skulls? I’ve been looking everywhere!

    • those I found at Target during Halloween season last year. They usually have them every year…so snatch the up. They are putting out Halloween stuff now believe it or not!!!

  8. Karyn Vargas says:

    Where did you buy the plain denim purses? they are great!

  9. Hi!

    Truly awesome! Could I please share one of your image in my blogs with proper attribution to you?

  10. Hi. I am going to have a monster high birthday party in December. I was wondering about how much it cost for everything.

  11. where did you fine the teeth bowls for Clawdeens scavenger hunt?

  12. thank you

  13. I’m giving my boyfriends daughter a Monster High Ball for her Birthday in June. I love so many of your ideas and wanted to thank you for posting your pictures. I do have one question tho…. where did you get the monster high cookies? They are a wonderful idea. Thank You

  14. I love these ideas. I’m working on a monster high party for my soon to be 9 year old daughter. Where did you find the black candelabras and all the black stands?

  15. Where do I find those cookies?

  16. Where did you buy the branch tree??? I am having a monster high theme party for my 8yr daughter… I just love ur ideas…

  17. i llove monster high

  18. OMG this is adorable!!!! Love every detail!

  19. Jessica Bush says:

    LOVE!! I have looked everywhere for black feather boas and unless I want to spend a fortune I have not found them. Where did you purchase your boas??

  20. looking for the pink chairs where did u find them I’m having a monster high bash in april for my daughter

  21. Zafir Latessa says:

    Such a fabulous party! Very inspiring, thanks for the great ideas 🙂

  22. Hi I was wondering if you could tell me how the games went and how’d you host each one. what was needed and what to do. Please and thank you.

  23. Hi I love that tree center piece, where did you find it?

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