My Baby Shower! Sweet Cravings Modern Safari Baby Boy

Most of you know that I am 9 months pregnant with a baby boy who is due to arrive around Dec. 11th! I was so excited to design my own baby shower since this is our last baby. I tossed and turned for weeks over a theme and finally just looked around my own house (where I wanted the shower to take place) and after talking to my husband about his childhood favorite things, which included the books, Curious George & Where the Wild Things Are and his favorite animated current movie, The Lion King. See a running theme here! So….AHA! A Modern Safari theme was born! I wanted the shower to truly be a mix of both of us, so I decided to infuse all of my pregnancy cravings into the shower theme complete with Sweets Bar stations reflecting my cravings. So, now we have a “Sweet Cravings Modern Safari Baby”!

I knew right away that I wanted the shower to be at my house since I would be setting it up and didn’t want to lug boxes of decor to a local venue! Looking around our home, I realized, what a better place to have it as our interior design style matched perfectly to the color palette I had chosen for the baby shower–chocolate brown, gray, white and silver metal! SCORE!!!!

For those of you who have been following my work, you know that my design style of Modern Simplicity with Whimsical Twists always includes some type of sparkle or bling! This is sometimes a challenge when working on a boy’s theme. So, I snuck it in there on my custom Lolli-tags™ with smoke gray glitter and in subtle touches like my bling pacifier tree and incorporating the sheen of all the silver decor gave it that sparkle and shine that I LOVE!!!

Okay, okay, down to DETAILS!!!
All of the desserts were bite-sized “baby-sized” portions. I sure wish I actually ate those portions while I was craving all these things the past 9 months!!!
The Cravings stations included a Cupcake Bar, Chocolate Bar and Milk and Cookies Bar.
The Milk & Cookies Bar featured homemade cookies by my mom…Thanks Mom!!

The Cupcake Bar featured yummy designer petite-sized cupcakes by my favorite Lickety Split Cupcakes…Thanks Jan!

And of course chocolate…chocolate and more chocolate! Remember those limited edition white chocolate covered Oreos I told you guys I saw at Target? Well, I asked my vendor, KupcakeSpot to create her white onesie gumpaste toppers at just the right mini size to dress up the Oreos and worked beautifully in with the theme and color palette of the shower! Thanks Sylvie!

We also had several beverage stations including a Juice Bar and a Coffee, Tea & Hot Chocolate Bar. For take-home favors, my girl Lynlee of Lynlee’s Petite Cakes also worked with me to design modern animal fondant toppers that I placed on top of chocolate pinwheels that were given to each guest as a thank you take home favor inside personalized boxes. Thanks Lynlee!

Now for the decor details! Yes, that is a crib bumper lining the main Cookies & Milk Bar! It worked so beautifully in our decor plan and was the actual inspiration for the shower’s decor style. I also only used soft, plush blankets as table coverings which provided a soft look to the event.

I totally scored and found a 2nd hand mini-set of baby doll furniture that I gave a fresh coat of paint to look like new and incorporated it into the decor along with plush modern animals that worked in our color palette.

After the shower, the baby doll furniture was a gift to our 3 year old who will be big sister for the first time! Like we did with our 8 year old, we took her to pick out a baby doll and furniture when she became a big sister for the first time so that she could “help” mommy with the new baby by pretending and taking care of her very own baby doll. Worked out beautifully with our 8 year old (she was then 5 when she became a big sister) we’ve done it again with our little one who was SO EXCITED by this!

TIP: When creating your event decor plan and budget is a concern, it’s always a good idea to choose a theme that works well within the venue you have chosen. Don’t try to do a modern event inside a venue
that has rustic, shabby chic interiors, for example. Roll with the venue’s decor….you will save TONS of money not having to totally transform a space.

Vendor credits:
Styling & Custom printables: Soireé-Event Design
Gum paste onesie toppers: KupcakeSpot
Fondant toppers: Lynlee’s Petite Cakes
Mini cupcakes: LicketySplit
Misc Desserts: Mom, Costco, Target

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  1. Michele McNeal says:

    The baby shower decor was fabulous!!! I love that it wasn’t the typical blue for boy! I looooved it!!! Wish I was there! You have outdone yourself once again!!

  2. Everything was beautiful and deli-sh like always. I can still taste those wonderful coconut flavored ones…yumm! You have the best eye for detail. Can’t wait to meet the little man 🙂

    • Thanks Monica! I’m mad I didn’t get one of each sweets before I handed out those white boxes!!! I looked up and BAM!!! GONE! LOL! That’s okay…my hips THANK YOU GUYS!

  3. I’m amazed that you could plan such a chic looking shower while being nine months pregnant! Way to go. I agree that it is refreshing to see a baby boy shower that’s not all blue. I love all the little details, like gum paste onsies!

    • Thanks Freddie! It was fun believe it or not to setup. It helped that it was in my house and I could do it very SLOWLY!

  4. Graciela Blackstone says:

    Congrats to You, Hubby , and the family on your new arrrival..

    Aunt Winkie

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! I love it! Silver and brown is a color combo that I would have never thought of, but, it looks great. Simple and elegant.


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