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Hey party peeps!
Today’s post is all about the ongoing trend…sweets tables! What began as a trend has now become more of a staple at most events. If you’ve done them yourself before, you probably know the cost of sweets tables can totally bust your budget…especially when you’re matching the colors of your sweets to your event colors. I’d love to share with you a few of my tips for creating a high-end looking dessert table for less! I designed two different sweets tables at two different price points: high end and “budget chic”. Today I’m featuring the Designer Summer Soiree Dessert Table featuring treats by some of the most sought-after sweets designers. For my “Budget Chic” table, I challenged myself to see if I could design a high-end looking, color-coordinated sweets table for less by purchasing all of the items from my favorite store…Target! CLICK HERE to see the full Budget Chic table & cost comparison.

The Inspiration – A Table Runner!

First, let me say that I have such love and appreciation for the tremendous artistry that goes into making some of the most elegant desserts seen on some of the pricier sweets tables featured in today’s hottest magazines and blogs. Sweets designers can match your design & color scheme perfectly by creating custom desserts that can match your printable designs or your source of inspiration. Here I asked them to match my source of inspiration- the awesome table runner featuring the gorgeous turquoise and orange Magnolia flower.


Designer Desserts to Match!

The high-end designer table features The Marshmallow Studio’s gorgeous flower marshmallow pops that matched my color and theme beautifully. The Gourmet Pop whipped up yummy cake pops, chocolate covered oreos and these super cute spoon cake pops all in my color scheme.

Finally, Vanilla & Chocolate custom created an iced cookie and Lynlee’s Petite Cakes created custom fondant flowers identical to the Magnolia flower used in the table decor which I used to dress up a STORE-BOUGHT 2 tier cake and powdered donuts. Totally custom and totally magnificent!










The Budget

Okay, okay, here’s the part you’ve been waiting for! Check out the cost of this Designer Sweets Table:

HIGH END DESIGNER Sweets Table: $231
Fondant 3D flower toppers $30/dozen
Fondant flat flower toppers $30/dozen
Marshmallow pops $48 ($4 each)
Cake pops $24/dozen
Spoon cakes $24/dozen
Chocolate covered oreos $24/dozen
2-tier cake $18
Flower shaped iced cookies $33/dozen plus $25 custom cutter fee

CLICK HERE to see the Budget Chic version of this table along with how much money I saved!


– Concept & Styling: Soiree Event Design
– Photography: Stay Classic Photography
– Fondant Flower toppers: Lynlee’s Petite Cakes
– Flower Marshmallow Pops: The Marshmallow Studio
– Cake pops, spoon cake pops & chocolate covered oreos: The Gourmet Pop
– Flower Iced Cookies: Vanilla & Chocolate
– 2 Tier Cake: Albertsons grocery store
– Flower mini gumpaste toppers: The Kupcake Spot

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  1. Looks great!

  2. Those are almost too pretty to eat. I love the fun summertime colors.

  3. Such a beautiful presentation! I don’t want to eat them, they looks so perfect and cute lol 😀

  4. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    That looks like such an inviting party set up! That table runner is absolutely adorable!

  5. Sandy SK says:

    I love how all the decorations and sweets match together. I would make most of that myself and save money.

  6. Wow that looks amazing! If I ever have a party in coming to you for inspiration. How beautiful!

  7. I am loving this look. That shade of blue is so pretty and everything is so bright and cheerful.

  8. Love! Just when I thought your events could not get any cuter, ha! What a joy and a pleasure it is to visit your blog! Your working on a book, right!?

  9. This party is so beautiful! I love that you got inspired from a table runner! Those are my favorite colors!

  10. I really love how everything matches and flows well together. Super cute! I love the blues as well.

  11. Amazing that the table cloth was the inspiration for the cake and other treats. Just wonderful and looks so delicious!

  12. How beautiful everything is on this table! I love how everything goes together. I am a monochromatic girl so I like when there aren’t to many colors.

  13. I love all of these pretty flowers! A setup like this would set a nice summery tone for a party.

  14. This table is absolutely stunning. I love it! The desserts look so yummy too.

  15. How pretty of a party table and cake! I love it.

  16. those cookie pops are too much! this is so cute !

  17. Those are some of my very favorite colors right now. I am seriously loving the coral/orange and aqua!!

  18. Everything looks absolutely amazing. Your budget friendly version is awesome too!

  19. Your parties always look fantastic! The “budget” version looks just as excellent as the “real thing”!

  20. What a beautiful table! I really like those cute marshmallow pops!

  21. I’m a table runner fanatic and I’m in love with yours! The colors are beautiful and the desserts are gorgeous!

  22. michele d says:

    Everything looks so beautiful. Love how it all flows well together. Love the color too.!

  23. I love the color theme you’ve got going…perfect for summer! My favorite addition is the cake pops…they look amazing and are really festive. Cake pops are the first thing my kids reach for!

  24. Oh my goodness! Every time I thought I found my favorite part of the display I would scroll down and see more. I definitely need to take decorating tips from you. 🙂

  25. That is an awesome layout. Not a bad price at all. Nice!

  26. So colorful and so enticing! I love the colors that you chose and how beautiful you set it up. Who doesn’t want to have a party like that?

  27. Fi Ní Neachtáin says:

    That is such a lovely set up. That blue shade is perfect for a summer soiree and that cake looks beautiful.

  28. Not a bad price for a fancy dessert table! That would look awesome at a beach wedding.

  29. Can I come over to your party? It looks amazing. I love your table runner and the color choices

  30. Bonnie @ wemake7 says:

    Again your posts are always so awesome and love your set up and pictures. I would love to be a guest at one of your parties.

  31. Lisa Bristol says:

    This looks amazing. I love the colors and the sweets look so delicious.

  32. My gooness, just the colors itself makes me wants to munch on some of them. Look’s fancy and delicious!

  33. Rebecca Swenor says:

    This is such an amazingly gorgeous dessert table indeed. I am totally amazed and not bad prices either. I have never seen spoon cakes before. Thanks for sharing.

  34. How gorgeous! The colors are so fun and vibrant. I actually love turquoise and orange together. 🙂

  35. This table gave the feeling of being a the beach! I loved it; however I loved the price tag of you second table. Both were great!

  36. Oh this is lovely. And delicious too. A beautiful spread for a party. Pinning!

  37. Very bright and colorful! Love it!

  38. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful setup! I dont think I’d want to eat anything just to keep it looking so gorgeous! lol

  39. What a fun dessert table! The colors are amazing.

  40. I love the dessert table, and the cake pops look to die for!


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