Trend Alert: Ever After High Party with Madeline Hatter

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Hey party peeps! Today’s guest post is all about the hot new trend — Ever After High! Ever wonder what the kids of our favorite fairytale characters would be like? Well, wonder no more! Ever After High is the hot new animated series who follow the lives of the kids of some of fairytale’s famous characters like Raven Queen, daughter of the Evil Queen in Snow White; Briar Beauty, daughter of Sleeping Beauty; Apple White, daughter of Snow White; and my favorite of them all–Madeline Hatter, daughter of the Mad Hatter! My daughters LOVE this new series and the dolls are a must have in our house! I think the concept is rather genius and as a fan of fairytales found myself enjoying watching the episodes with them and hanging out on their interactive website with lots of activities and cool stuff for tweens! I’m sure there will be many Ever After High parties coming this year and to give you some inspiration, here is an Ever After High dessert table I styled to get you started inspired by my favorite character–Madeline Hatter and her BFF the Raven Queen.



Ever After High Madeline Hatter Decor

The characters of Ever After High are either part of the Royal or Rebel clique. Royals are those who embrace their destiny of following in the footsteps of their parents, however, Rebels are those who do not want their pre-determined destinies and want to change their destiny’s to something else. Me…I consider myself a rebel of sorts, so when designing this theme I decided to embrace two of the popular rebels, Madeline Hatter and her BFF Raven Queen. Madeline Hatter has the most fabulous dress so I decided to use her outfit as the inspiration for the table design from the ornate gold patterns to the purple and turquoise color palette. Her dress also is a mix of different textures and patterns which inspired me to mix the turquoise patterned vinyl backdrop from Bubblegum Backdrops with the gorgeous rosette table linen and gorgeous glittered gold tree from Koyal Wholesale.


Finally, what’s a Madeline Hatter tea party dessert table without flowers! These fabulous two-toned paper flowers from Scrappuchino were perfect! The pomanders are regal set on top of gold vintage candleholder and the great thing about the individual flowers is you can get them with a wire stem which makes them super easy to decorate with. I used them to wrap around the tops of the apothecary jars and attached them to the gold tree branches giving the centerpiece tree a pop of color. You can also get them without stems which I used around the table for pops of color. Finally, they also come attached to lollipop sticks to use as cupcake toppers!


Madeline Hatter Inspired Sweets

The topsy turvy cake was an amazing work of art by Fancy Cakes who also custom designed the fondant toppers that matched Maddie’s outfit perfectly! The gold glittered cake pops gave the table that golden sparkle like her dress while the assortment of purple and turquoise candy from Sweet City Candy rounded out the table’s colors. Ordering color coordinated candy from Sweet City Candy is a breeze as you can choose to only see candy in your specific colors on their site when you place your order making it convenient and fast! For a whimsical touch I added the fondant swirl lollipops from Edible Details and custom iced cookies from Sugar Cravings. Details are everything and these mini cupcake decorations from Evie and Mallow gave the cupcakes that custom and themed look (check out the letter M (for Madeline)embossed in them!)















Madeline Hatter Custom Dress

What little girl doesn’t want to dress up like her favorite fairytale character? Jessica of Nevaeh’s Baby Couture custom designed this Madeline Hatter replica dress that matched the dolls dress perfectly including the tea cup purse, necklace and tea cup mini top hat! It was hard to get Riley to take this off she loved it so much!




Madeline Hatter Dress Up Bar

Madeline Hatter’s guests would all wear their own unique top hats like these custom made by Cupcake Wishes and Birthday Dreams that match Briar Beauty, Ashlynn Ella, Cerise Hood and C.A. Cupid. How fabulous are these GLAM gold sequin letters by Hollywood Rose! Paired with the custom Madeline Hatter dress, it makes for one wow-factor centerpiece! This Ever After bracelet craft kit is great to give your guests something to do and the box…well, it was so cute I added it in to the table’s decor.





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– Styling & photography: Soiree Event Design
– “Royal or Rebel” printables: Soiree Event Design Shop
– Madeline Hatter dress and accessories: Nevaeh’s Baby Couture
– Rock candy, grape fruit slices, jelly beans, gummy bears: Sweet City Candy
– Gold sequin GLAM letters: Hollywood Rose
– Cake and fondant toppers: Fancy Cakes
– Gold glitter tree and apothecary jars: Koyal Wholesale
– Paper flowers and pomanders: Scrappuchino
– Vinyl backdrop: Bubblegum Backdrops
– Rosette table linen and runner: CV Linens
– Mini top hats: Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams
– Gold cake pops: Autumn Lynn’s Chocolate Sins
– Fondant swirl lollipops: Edible Details
– Iced cookies: Sugar Cravings
– Glitter cupcake wrappers: Dress My Cupcake
– Mini black fondant cupcake decorations: Evie and Mallow
– Foil wrapped chocolate balls and gum balls: SweetWorks

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  1. Absolutely fantastic! I LOVE LOVE the jewel tones in this party. Little Riley is adorable! Great job, Tonya.

  2. Tonya – Great job! This looks amazing! We’re so happy to have been a part of this great event. XOXO

    • Thanks Dana! Sweet City Candy is always a joy to work with and your candy choices are great. Great experience all around!

  3. Once again…..fabulous job!! I love the colors and all the details!! Amazing my friend!!

  4. Such a beautiful party Tonya…I love the colors amazing combination 🙂

  5. Yolanda says:

    I love the tablecloth and runner. The custom dress is priceless. Very pretty table.

    • Thanks Yolanda! Rosette is one of my favorite linen to design around. It has so much dimension…love!

  6. Oh my gosh – where do I even start? This party is amazing! That cake is unbelievable! WOW! I know that a lot of girls are going to be begging for a party like this now!

  7. This is so cool. That cake is gorgeous and her outfit is to freakin cute, love the whole setup. Great job Tonya!!

  8. Wow – lots of great touches and fun glitter!

  9. Love the color combination, GLAM letters and the mini hats. I always like your backdrops and table linens. Great job Tonya!

  10. I love love love every little detail. The GLAM letters perfect. I love the sparkle you put into all your parties.

    Riley looks so cute in her Madeline Hatter outfit Great Party and Job Tonya!

  11. You are crazy talented lady! I love all the glitter accents.

  12. My girls love these dolls! This is the first Ever After party I have seen. It all looks great! I especially love the hats on the pedestals and glittery touches.

    • Thanks! They are so cute and the concept of the show is just great! I think this is the first I’ve seen too and I’m predicting there will be many more this year!

  13. Sweet job, as always! Love the purple and gold combination. Cake, outfit, décor just lovely!

  14. FANTASTIC party! The richness of the colors is amazing along with that little touch of golden sparkle. The dress, I think, is my favorite part!

  15. Super party! Love the colors and your many details. You rock!!

  16. Toni Thomason says:

    Simply beautiful! Amazing work!

  17. positively. amazing. and that dress up bar? LOVE!

  18. Wish i was there
    :(.The clothes and colorful candies just pulls me into it. wonderful!

  19. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    That is perfect for little girls. How cute.

  20. What a great setup. This is every little girl’s dream come true!

  21. Wow, just WOW! This would make any little girl’s dream come true. But I love that I can take just some of the ideas and incorporate them into a party of my own. Kudos for such a fabulous party and such unique details!

  22. Wow this looks like a fabulous party! My little girl would love this!

  23. How gorgeous. It’s like being in the middle of a princess movie!

  24. That looks like an amazing party. I love the two tone paper flowers.

  25. Wow that is some party! Love the dress, so cute! My daughter would love the cupcakes, did you make these paper flowers?

  26. NOw that is some party, your daughter looks like she is the tough birthday girl.

  27. Those paper flowers do indeed add the perfect touch. The color palette of the party is fabulous!

  28. I can’t get over that gorgeous costume! So glam! My daughter would love it. 🙂

  29. It is always great fun to permit children to dress up and pretend to be like their favorite characters from books and movies.

  30. Maria Oller says:

    I love it. Such a shame my baby is to little and my oldest to grown up for this. I guess I’ll have to wait 2/3 more year to organize a party like this.

  31. WOW! I have a niece who would totally love this whole layout. Monsters High is her very fave show right now. This is beautifully done.

  32. Well, this is just the cutest little party I have seen in a while!! Every little girls dream party I’m sure. Thank you so much for sharing all the pictures I loved seeing what you did. 🙂

  33. Wow this looks amazing. If only I had a little girl.

  34. What gorgeous colors! I love this theme so much!

  35. What amazing colors! You did a great job all the way down to the tiniest details!

  36. Do you ever sleep? These parties are awesome your daughter is so lucky.

  37. This party did turn out perfect! Every little was detail was noticed. Beautiful!

  38. How adorable. You really know how to put the party together from the top to the bottom. I am in love with this one. Everything is so beautiful.

  39. I am utterly speechless! The attention to detail is amazing! I especially love the glitter tree and paper flowers! GREAT JOB!

  40. Good grief! You always do your parties up! You could make a living as a party designer to the stars, I swear.

  41. Sandy SK says:

    Wow, what a beautiful photo essay! I love the cake and all the party stuff to go with it. They match perfectly.

  42. Oh my goodness! You are so creative! I wish I could pull off something like this. I tried to do a theme for my daughter’s party and it was cute but it was no where near this fancy. Awesome party!

  43. Those colours are so pretty together. I probably never would have thought to pair that shade of blue and purple together, but it really does work. Nice.

  44. You’ve outdone yourself! I love how pretty all of these colors look together too. You always pay such close attention to detail. My nieces would FLIP over these party ideas.

  45. This is one heck of a party set up! I’m super impressed by ALL of it! The dolls are stunning, the color scheme is really nice, and your daughter looks great in that outfit.

  46. I love the colors in this. I want this theme for myself!

  47. What a stunning setup. I’m jealous…lol I wish I was invited. 😉 You always got such good ideas! Love your blog.

  48. CourtneyLynne says:

    Omg this might be one of the coolest party setups ever!!! My daughter would love a party like this! I think I might even like one for myself as well hehe 😉

  49. How fabulous is that?! That is every little girl’s dream party. And look at her dress and tea cup purse. Definitely gorgeous!

  50. I love the sparkly GLAM letters. It looks so pretty and well put together. Would have loved to attend!

  51. How gorgeous! This one by far is my favorite, because I love Alice in Wonderland and anything Mad Hatter related.

  52. What an amazing party set up. My daughther will be thrilled with this set up and costume

  53. Wow what a great looking party! My kids are older so not really into the shows like they used to be but I wish they would’ve had stuff like this when they were younger! So cool.

  54. This sounds like such a fun party! I love all the goodies! Candy bars are so much fun!

  55. Wow! Very impressive set up for the party! It looks so awesome and my niece would love something like this!

  56. This is adorable, almost makes me want a little girl. You did an amazing job.

  57. So cute! I love it all. From the cake to the costumes, it’s gorgeous!

  58. This Ever After High party looks absolutely glam! My niece would love having a tea party like this!!


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