Valentine’s Day Party for Tweens!

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Valentines day party for tweens
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Hey party peeps! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I wanted to do something special for my tween daughter and a few of her friends this year that didn’t feel too kiddie. If you have a tween girl at home, you know what I’m talking about–that never ending struggle between wanting to be a teenager but not quite old enough yet! Check out my Ideas for a Valentine’s Day Party for Tweens.
Valentines tween party


This party’s decor actually was inspired by a roll of wrapping paper I found at Walmart! The pattern was bright and festive but not overly kiddie and traditional for Valentine’s Day. I knew my tween daughter and her friends would love it!

GIRLFRIEND TIP: Decorating with wrapping paper is not only easy but SUPER AFFORDABLE and clean up is a breeze since you just throw it away! One roll of wrapping paper for $4 was enough to create a fabulous table runner for both my dining table and sweets bar and I also used it to create custom art. I simply cut the wrapping paper to the size I needed and for the custom art pieces I just added a red felt heart in the center to bring in a Valentine’s look and feel!
decorate with wrapping paper stackable candy jar


Tweens are all about wanting to do EVERYTHING themselves. So, this idea is perfect for them! Snack Pack Pudding Cups are a staple in our house. They are perfect to put in my kids’ lunch boxes as they don’t require refrigeration and they have new Easy Open Lids which makes them super easy for the kids to open when I’m not around. To give these a special twist for our party I designed an interactive sweets bar where the girls could choose from mix-in toppings like Crunch n’ Munch Popcorn, fresh chopped bananas, crushed vanilla and chocolate cookies and Reddi Wip to create their own yummy treat! My personal favorite was the vanilla pudding topped with whipped cream, fresh bananas and crushed vanilla cookies! YUMMY!

GIRLFRIEND TIP: Okay, so clearly giving a can of Reddi Wip to a bunch of tweens is not the smartest thing as they apparently love to spray it directly in their mouths! Gotta love it!
interactive sweets bar
Snack Pack Pudding Cups chocolate pudding cups snack pack vanilla pudding cup pudding toppings 2 pudding cup banana topping banana pudding cups dessert table pudding toppings valentines party decor pudding cups


How cute are these wooden LOVE cutouts by Cut It Out! Pair them with sparkly rhinestone stickers and you’re set! The girls had a blast creating their own sparkly LOVE creations! My daughter’s is now displayed in her room.
tween valentines craft Valentines day decorations LOVE wood cutout


Now this idea couldn’t be more easy! Simply remove the backing from a heart shaped glittery sticker and stick it to the top of a lollipop stick! SERIOUSLY that easy, inexpensive and SUPER CUTE!
DIY cupcake toppers

Heart cupcake toppers

I was able to pickup most of what I needed for this party from Walmart. Check them out to snag up some of the fabulous decor items used in this post and host a Tween Party of your daughter. WHAT DO YOU DO FOR YOUR TWEEN FOR VALENTINE’S DAY?
walmart in store


Check out my VALENTINE’S DAY IDEAS PINTEREST BOARD for lots of Valentine’s Day inspiration.
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– Styling & photography: Soiree Event Design
– Snack Pack Pudding Cups (vanilla & chocolate 4 packs), Crunch n’ Munch, Reddi Wip, cookies, bananas, plastic dip tray and plastic stackable candy jar: Walmart
– LOVE wood cutouts: Cut It Out

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  1. Looks like Faith enjoyed this! yes tweens are hard and indecisive. I like how you used the wrapping paper to decorate.

  2. I love the “sweets bar”! What a great idea to use the pudding cups as the base for your tween’s treats!

  3. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I love the idea of decorating with wrapping paper. Great idea.

  4. The Snack Bar is a really cool idea.I would have never thought to use wrapping Paper to decorate. Great Tips

  5. I know my daughters and sons would love this party, who doesn’t love a little pudding

  6. I always get the best ideas from you. Love that you used wrapping paper, and that snack bar is awesome!

  7. Decorating the LOVE sign is such a cute idea! I love all the colors you used in your party–so pretty!

  8. what a great idea for tweens. I need to search your blog for ideas for a 15th birthday party theme.

  9. Debbie Denny says:

    Awesome party ideas. Love the snack bar

  10. I love the snack bar. I would love to be eating some of those goodies right now. I also love the crafts. The embellished love cut out is really cute.

  11. Can I be a tween again and come to your party! It looks like a lot of fun!

  12. What attention to detail. I love all of the decorations. I bet the kids did, too.

  13. Sometimes I look at my toddler and preschooler and wonder how long until they are tweens and I can do all of these great crafts and parties with them. Today is one of those days, looking at your stunning photos and happy kids!

  14. I’m definitely going to try the wrapping paper idea for table runners. There’s such pretty paper to work with!

  15. Joanne Ragosta says:

    Great ideas for a party! Love Valentine’s Day!!

  16. I’ve decorated with wrapping paper for the holidays but never for a regular party! That is such an easy idea to use!

  17. This looks like so much fun. This would be a great idea for me to try with my sunday school class..

  18. The cupcake toppers are such a cute idea! I will be making some toppers!

  19. Lovin the snack packs and party ideas! I have an almost tween in the house so, it’s time to start thinking about more mature ideas when celebrating the holiday.

  20. The sweet bar and the snack pudding does make valentine’s day party extra sweet. It looks like they had a lot of fun with the party concept and food.

  21. Love these ideas. I love the tip about decorating with wrapping paper. Genius!

  22. Oh what a great party. Valentine’s is such a fun holiday and isn’t just for ‘lovers’ but for love… to show friends and family how you love them… what a great way to celebrate. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Very cute as always!!! I love doing wrapping paper too! Such a great tip!!!

  24. Love the idea of decorating the wrapping paper. The girls look like they are having lots of fun .

  25. I so love everything about this! Definitely Tween Appropriate and I would have *never* thought of decorating with wrapping paper–that’s simply brilliant! Looks like the girls love the snack packs and everything else too–with a few easy tweaks this would be the perfect party for any age range! #client

  26. Glad to know that I still have quite a few years of parties ahead of me! Love the colours and your photos are so sweet!!

  27. Alright, I’m an adult and I would love to go to that party. It looks like a blast.

  28. These are such great party ideas!!! I love the snack bar idea, looks like everyone had a blast!!

  29. Everything looks great. I love the pics, they look like they’re having a blast.

  30. These decorations are perfect. I remember when my mom would have Valentine’s Day parties for my sister and I and our friends when we lived in New York.

  31. Looks like tweens had a great party! Lots of yummy treats and pink color decor.. perfect for valentines 🙂

  32. I’m not a tween, but I wouldn’t mind an interactive sweets bar. Haha!

  33. What an adorable party and sweet treat ideas! I love how many different things you can do with pudding cups!

  34. I have never thought of doing a sweet bar with pudding! This would be great for my sons next birthday party. Totally keeping this idea for then!

  35. This is the cutest party I’ve ever seen!! Can I come to it even though I’m not a tween anymore haha!!

  36. I love using wrapping paper as a table covering/runner also. I love the custom art tip. Great job

  37. I love all the different things that you can do with pudding cups. Makes me wish I had some. Thank you for linking up on Moms and Munchkins!

  38. These are such great ideas. I have a tween and I never know what to do for her. She is starting to think everything is too babyish.

  39. The wrapping paper is a cute idea. My daughter would love all of these snacks.

  40. This is such a great idea– it’s always so hard for me to think of party ideas for my teen son. He is so blah and I’m a big party planner. I love the idea about using wrapping paper, there’s so many great patterns and colors so why not use it.

  41. OMW!! This party looks amazing!! I love all the details, from the paper to the treats. It is so cute and perfect for tweens.

  42. My tweens are not keen on celebrating Valentine’s Day. But I remember my oldest boy inviting some of his friends last Feb 13.


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