Frozen Party Ideas Week – Snowball Bar!


Hey party peeps!

I’m so excited to share with you some of my FROZEN PARTY IDEAS today including this awesome SNOWBALL BAR!  I just shared my FROZEN SWEETS TABLE design on Hostess With The Mostess today so if you missed it CLICK HERE to check it out.  Our exclusive “ICE PRINCESS” PRINTABLE COLLECTION IS DEBUTING IN OUR SHOP THIS FRIDAY!  CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!  The perfect unique printable collection for all those Frozen parties!  Want a chance to WIN a FROZEN PARTY PACKAGE of some of the items seen here?  CLICK HERE to ENTER TO WIN!

Another idea for a FROZEN PARTY is to setup a SNOWBALL BAR in the same blue and white color palette to match your party’s design.  It’s easy to do and such a hit with guests! Snowball bars are an easy to setup self-serve bar that is inexpensive and a wow-factor to your party.  See below for my LOOK FOR LESS TIPS on how to pull of this look and keep your budget in check!


LOOK FOR LESS TIP #1: Choose a self-serve bar that uses low-cost ingredients or supplies
Snowballs are very inexpensive… just ice and syrup… and ice you can make at home… so that is free. The syrups come in lots of cool colors & flavors so you can match this bar to many different themes. Here we used the blue raspberry flavor that matched our blue color perfectly. The ice shaver machine is budget-friendly and so easy to use. Set out all the supplies the kids need to make these on their own. They LOVE doing this by themselves. All you have to do is replenish the ice. I would suggest incorporating this bar in a pool party theme with the same colors. Imagine how cool this bar would look poolside with the sparkle of the blue water in the background with white beach balls (looking like snowballs) floating in the water… SO cool!

LOOK FOR LESS TIP #2: Use low-cost containers that look high end
The blue footed bowls look like glass, but are actually plastic and add a touch of chic to the table while only costing $1 each. I could have easily used paper cones or disposable cups, but it wouldn’t be “budget chic!” In addition, the glass cylinders and bowls used on the table were also just $1 each.

I totally lucked out, and I must admit I did squeal out loud, when I found these white snowball cakes in Walmart! They matched my theme and color palette perfectly and only cost $4 for 12 of them! I showcased these on a multi-tiered cupcake stand filled with blue gems for a wow-factor centerpiece. To pull in the blue color I used a satin tablecloth that I didn’t even bother to iron as the wrinkles gave the table the look of rippled water… YAY!… total time saver!

LOOK FOR LESS TIP #3: Use budget friendly decor elements in large quantities for maximum visual impact
Take clear glass containers or vases you already have around your home or buy inexpensive ones like I did here, fill them with water, place a few drops of food coloring in the water to match your color palette and you have easy and budget chic table decor for next to nothing! You can use food coloring to create any color. 4 colors come in a box that you can then mix together to make any color of the rainbow! Use more for a bright intense color and less to create lighter shades like turquoise or light pink. I use this tip ALL THE TIME! To purchase colored glass vases to match your party’s decor for every event would cost a fortune, so using colored water in clear glass containers is the budget chic alternative! Keep on hand one set of clear glass containers and a box of food coloring and you’re all set for any party theme!

I also used lots of budget friendly white marshmallows in my table’s decor for maximum impact. Their white color, fluffy texture and round shape is perfect to simulate snowballs! And to maximize their impact, I suggest using ALOT of them! At only $1 a bag, you can really get a lot of design bang for your buck!

LOOK FOR LESS TIP #4: Spend the bulk of your budget on items you will use again
The two most expensive items were the ice shaver machine and the cupcake stand. Who won’t use an ice shaver machine again? You can use it all summer long for adult parties to create shaved ice for many frozen cocktails too. The cupcake stand is a party staple! Anything looks fabulous displayed on these! You’ve saved so much money on the other decor elements of the bar that you should definately invest in this. I use mine in almost every party I do.


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  1. Great tips. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Where did you find the snowcone cups? They are so cute!

  3. Tiffany says:

    These are marvelous ideas!!! What brand snow cone maker is that and where did you get it?

  4. Great job Tonya! The idea looks really classy and modish. Absolutely smart budget chic party. I really liked those snowball cakes I could mix some smores too.


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