Garden Glam Wedding featuring Terrariums

rustic Garden wedding
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Hey party peeps! It’s still winter and freezing in my neck of the neck of the woods, but today I’d like to share with you this Garden Glam Wedding styled shoot I did for Koyal Wholesale that just reminds me of spring and summer!  As I announced earlier this month, I am now a stylist for Koyal Wholesale, one the world’s largest wedding and special event supplies companies!  This Garden Glam Wedding shoot features Terrariums used as centerpieces and a gorgeous emerald green, gold and white color palette.

Decorating with terrariums is a hot new trend right now in both wedding and party decor.   Terrariums are a unique way of creating mini scenes enclosed in glass jars.  Here I designed mini garden themed terrariums using Koyal’s apothecary jars, bell jars, moss chunks, moss, gravel and wood slabs. Koyal Wholesale carries a large selection of apothecary jars and natural decorations to create all types of themed terrariums.  Check out how I use them both as decor on a dining table and sweets table along with Design & Look for Less Tips to help you pull off this look for your next wedding, bridal shower or party.




I have to admit, this color palette is now one of my favorites!  I wasn’t really a green kind of girl, but once I saw the gorgeous green rosette runners and flora glass chargers paired with the rustic glam look of the metallic gold linen, I was sold!  The many different colors of green from the lime green runners and emerald green chargers to the varying shades of moss and floral all worked together to create this eclectic elegant look.  To add a rustic glam touch to the table design I placed the terrariums on top of wood slabs, added in rustic wood branches and topped the branches with gold twig balls.  In addition I used rustic wood table numbers on top of wood slabs and sprinkled light green crystal diamond gems around them for a touch of sparkle.

Design Tip:  Terrariums are shorter centerpieces so for maximum drama I added these tower vases with baby’s breath to give height to the table.  The 32″ tower vases are tall enough to allow guests to still see one another across the table which is a must!

Look for Less Tip:  Baby’s breath used to only be used as filler in floral centerpieces.  The new trend is using them in bunches as the main floral arrangement as seen here.  This is an affordable option as baby’s breath is a fraction of the cost of most flowers and I happen to think they look stunning!  Just be sure to use enough to create a full looking arrangement.

rustic garden glam dining table rustic garden glam terrariums flower pom chair decorations baby's breath flowers

Apothecary jars are normally used on sweets tables to hold candy, but here I used them to create elegant terrarium centerpieces on a dining table.  So easy to do! The idea is to create a mini garden scene inside the jars.  To do this, I simply placed a layer of green gravel on the bottom of the jar and then layered in moss balls, flower heads and plant trimmings to create an elegant garden scene.  Check out the unexpected pops of gold in the terrariums by adding gold glitter leaves.

Look for Less Tip:  Instead of using real flowers, you can use faux flowers and plants and buy them during key holiday post-sales.  For this design I used real flowers and mixed in faux glitter and gold leaves and trimmings  I found at Michaels for 75% off during the post-Christmas sales!  If you like the look of glittered plants and leaves, this is the time to scoop them up!

Design Tip:  When creating your scenes, be sure to use multiple shades of green floral and different sizes for visual interest.  It will also help to have taller skinny plant trimmings like I show here to bring in some height to your design so your garden scene looks more realistic.



For a different look, you can use bell jars to create terrariums. Here I used wood slabs as a base and then layered moss balls, flowers and plan trimmings on top of the wood pieces to create a scene and simply covered the entire arrangement with a bell jar.

Look for Less Tip:  Using store-bought flower bunches gives you PLENTY to work with.  For all of the terrariums seen here, I only used 2 bunches of flowers.  I used only the flower heads and then also used the leaves and stems to create the taller pieces.

garden terrarium centerpieces terrarium centerpieces

garden-wedding-flower-wood-slabs copy


Using terrariums on your sweets table is such an unexpected detail that really brings to life your theme.  Here I created mini gardens inside both apothecary jars and bell cloche jars with glass bases.

Design Tip:  Using the bell jars with glass bases allows you to build your mini-garden in the base and then top with the bell jar so you can easily move it around which is important when designing your table if you want to experiment with different placements of the terrariums and if you want to be able to elevate them like I did here by placing them on top of glass cylinders.

Garden-Glam-Sweets-Table-Main garden-wedding-terraniums bling-candy-scoops-tongs vintage-cupcake-stands bling-cupcake-toppers emerald-green-cupcakes




Want more Terrarium inspiration?  Check out my latest Frozen styled shoot here where I created Frozen themed terrariums.


All of the items seen here can be found at the vendors listed below and to make it easier, I’ve curated a Pinterest board here with all the items I used in this shoot for your convenience…a VIRTUAL SHOPPING LIST!

– Styling & photography: Soiree Event Design
– TERRARIUM SUPPLIES (apothecary jars, cloche bell jars, round wood slabs, moss balls, curly willow twig balls): Koyal Wholesale
– ALL DECOR (linen, runners, chargers, wood table number, green crystal confetti, tower vases, flower poms, vintage dessert stands, push pop display, moss ball garland backdrop, mini dessert bell jars: Koyal Wholesale
– Emerald green glitter cupcake wrappers: Dress My Cupcake
– Chocolate covered oreos & glittered cake pops: Autumn Lynn’s Chocolate Sins
– White sugar pearls candy and gumballs: SweetWorks
– Gourmet candy apples: Roni’s Sugar Creations
– Bling candy scoops & tongs: Talia’s Creative Printing
– Bling pinwheels: Peckled

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  1. Beautiful party – looking forward to seeing these pretty shades of green outside instead of piles of snow! 🙂

  2. Love the terrariums and those perfectly beautiful cupcakes. Those little flowers on top are perfect. Soo much detail I don’t want to eat it too mess up the perfection.. Your designs are wonderful. I want to bite that apple to see what exquisite flavor it is.

  3. I just love your designs. Can you provide information on where you purchased the white stands the jars and wood pieces are on?


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